Chicken soup for a sick person

I’m still sick–8 days now.    I have been eating chicken soup.

Chicken soup for a sick person:

  1. A lot of chopped fresh garlic
  2. Some grated fresh ginger
  3. small can of chicken
  4. Some “Better than Bouillon” chicken soup base
  5. Water
  6. Cook until good
  7. Add some fresh lemon juice

Enjoy and heal!

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3 thoughts on “Chicken soup for a sick person”

  1. I can’t seem to shake mine either. I normally try to avoid pills and chemicals but I’m enlisting the help of some nasal decongestant to slow down the draininge. Hopefully that will help my throat heal and stop the progression of this cold down into my chest. I think I’ll give your chicken soup recipe a shot tomorrow for giggles… it sounds great. Get well!

  2. The Man has the cold. I’m okay so far. Someone told me that Yerba Santa is good for colds. I went hiking and brought some back for him. You are supposed to make a tea from a few leaves. Supposedly the Chumash used it and doctors have said it has a natural antibiotic or something. He said it tasted terrible.

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