Clothes wringer

After I bathe in my basin, I often use the water to wash out a piece of clothing.    I throw it in, let it soak over night, wring it out, and hang it up to dry by the wood stove.

To wring out the piece of clothing, I throw it over a tree branch that hangs over my deck and wring it out by twisting it like the illustration shows.

The illustration is from a book called Living on the Earth.   I’ve had this book since I was twelve.    From baking bread to building a home, nothing takes more than a page to explain.

That’s the way things should be—if something takes more than a page or two to explain you’re probably making it too complicated.

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Hermit, long distance hiker, primitive cabin dweller, seeker.

2 thoughts on “Clothes wringer”

  1. I love your cabin life. I want to do this someday…I just need to do it. If you’re ever in the Pacific NW I would like to meet you and chat. Where do you get water in the summer?

  2. Wow. I have this book, too – stumbled across it at a yard sale a couple of years back.
    I love your lifestyle, too. Am deconstructing the modern life, in my world (just gave up the cell phone with all the bells and whistles)…I live in a motor home, but am working toward a small house (like Tumbleweed’s). Thanks for your blog ~

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