US goverment warns Southbound thru-hikers

According to this article the US is warning Southbound PCT(Pacific Crest Trail) hikers that they could face a year in jail and a 5ooo dollar fine for entering the US through the PCT.

For north-bounders it’s legal to enter Canada through the PCT, if you get your permit from Canada, because, despite what Sutton at the border crossing says, you don’t need permission from the US government to leave the country.

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5 thoughts on “US goverment warns Southbound thru-hikers”

  1. Many terrorists are trying to dress up as hikers to make their way into America. Having said that, I doubt a year in prison and $5000 would stop them

  2. Where did you read that? The article states that no incident prompted the warning..The rule has always been it’s just now that they are warning people.

    The warning is probably not going to deter hikers, either, as it is popular for both Canadians and Americans to hike there.

    The border is huge and 99 percent unprotected. If someone wants to get into the US from Canada they can easily do it.

    No reason to harass hikers.

  3. It has been all over the news a while back that many people have been caught with terrorist insignias. It’s a hilarity in itself really–some were found with patches of an airplane flying into two towers. The border patrol are vastly understaffed and they are experiencing the same problem down south from the Mexico border. The terrorists are also dressing up as Mexicans and trying to hop the border on over. I agree–it’ll take a lot more border patrols to cover the entire distance. It makes you wonder how serious they are about keeping bad guys out. Or perhaps it’s a facade to prevent them from trying?

  4. Dressing up like Mexicans? That’s the funniest thing I’ve ever heard.

    As a hiker you can avoid border annoyances by starting in the US and hiking to the border, then backtracking. You can do the same as a northbounder to avoid having to enter the US from Canada when you go home. But honestly, who is going to know out there where you came from. From Harts Pass north, except for a yurt, I don’t recall any other sign of civilization.

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