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  • I started walking down to the Albertson's but it was to hot so I resupplied out of Kmart. #
  • I have Fritos, cheese, fun size snickers and oranges. #
  • I guess I should head back to the trail. #
  • Just try to get a ride out of Tehachapi. #
  • Still no ride. I'm not trying hard enough. #
  • I've started walking. If I built this trail it would drop closer to town so you wouldn't have to hitch. #
  • Made it out of town and back to the trail. #
  • But didn't get far because of my heavy load of food and water. #
  • Maybe by morning it will be lighter. #
  • Didn't see any water at Oak Creek(558) but there were 2 gallons cached at the picnic table #
  • WA556 (Tiger tank) clear water flowing from shower. #
  • 550 two bars #

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