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  • There was a "No Loitering" sign on the PCT today #
  • But there is no sign on this old dead tree I've been curled under for the past two hours. #
  • 8 days in a row without seeing another hiker. . #
  • 546.5 full signal. #
  • I guess I better get hiking before they send the sheriff up here to have me arrested for loitering. #
  • WA535(faucet near Cottonwood Creek) flowing well but water is a little green. #
  • WA541.5(Tylerhorse Canyon) is flowing but is shallow and heavily polluted with cow poop. #
  • WA545(Gamble spring Canyon) is dry. #
  • Man, that Aqua duct water is nasty. #
  • 7 more miles to Hiker Town. Maybe I can make it without drinking any more water. #
  • Even though I treated it with Aqua Mira and added flavoring, the taste makes me gag. #
  • Mile 525 two bars. #
  • Worst water of the trip. #
  • One an a half gallons cached at 524.7 #
  • Sitting on the Aqua duct eating hamburger and fries.! #
  • A water worker gave them to me. #

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