Do it yourself iron supplement

I suspect I’m anemic.   In the Hesperian books “Where there is No Doctor” and “Where Women have no Doctor”, they recommend putting a clean piece of iron, like an iron nail, in a little lemon juice for a few hours.  Then making lemonade with the juice and drinking it.

I wasn’t sure if my nails were all iron so I’ve been soaking water and lemon juice in my cast iron skillet and drinking the water.  I’m feeling less anemic now.

Note: You can download all of Hesperian’s books at for free.

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  1. You probably already know this, but the iron from an iron skillet, or the iron from iron-rich vegetables like spinach, is not as easily absorbed as “heme iron” or iron from meat/blood. I only mention this because I’ve had long struggles with anemia that only ended when I started eating meat.

    You’ve mentioned feeling tired a lot– feeling an overwhelming need for naps, etc. Think about getting your thyroid checked.

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