How to clean the glass woodstove door

lopi woodstoveA couple of years ago, I replaced my wood-stove when a big crack developed in it.   The new one (Lopi 1250) is much more efficient and has a glass door on it.

sootyglassMost nights I damper it down and in the morning my door is sooty.

I think the glass door is supposed to be self-cleaning and some of the soot does burn off  with a hot fire, but I still prefer to clean it because it looks better and it doesn’t take long at all.

woodstove screenSo most mornings now, I open the door and put in the screen while the glass cools.   Once its cool I scrub the glass with wood ash and a wet paper towel and wash clean with vinegar and water in a spray bottle.   Doesn’t take long and does a great job.

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