Time and snow

snow glorious snowI had almost eaten all the snow off of my porch when I new supply was delivered overnight.     I love snow.  Mostly for the same reason I like being sick– I don’t feel like I should be doing anything  besides laying by the fire and swimming in time.

I parked my truck down by my gate, so with some digging I guess I could get out, but not easily.  My truck hasn’t moved in over a month.   Besides a bag of onions and a few heads of garlic, I don’t have anything fresh but there is a little log cabin store a couple miles away that I  snow shoe to through state land.   I can also start sprouting for some fresh greens.

At my water access only cabin in British Columbia, I would get dropped off by a boat taxi and he wouldn’t come back to pick me up in a least a month, sometimes two.   That is the best feeling to me—no where to go and nothing to do.

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