4 thoughts on “A day in the life of me.”

    1. I’m still working out what I think of Soylent. I love the idea of being able to stay in my cabin all winter without ever having to go to the store or see anyone.

      It might be a good spiritual retreat food. It’s vegan, you could stock up and stay as long as you wanted and never need to leave for food, and it has a blandness and ascetic feel to it that would be beneficial to retreat.

      I really miss chewing stuff though. I’ve been playing around on the soylent recipe generator https://diy.soylent.com/ to figure out a perfect hermit soylent that I maybe could chew–like include some lentils and brown rice? I hear Soylent has a chewable version in the works.

      I’m finding 100% soylent to be tough. After a 7 mile walk yesterday I came home, felt weak and faint, and made some lentils and brown rice. So much more satisfying then Soylent. I made it 8 days on 100% soylent. I’ll try for a longer streak and see if I can work out why I felt low on energy.

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