The guy pushing a shopping cart across the USA

At the end of the Florida Trail, just outside of Andalusia, Al, I stopped at a little store with a grill and a campground around back. The man there said:

We get all kinds here. Why, once, we got a guy that was pushing a shopping cart across the USA. Well, now, a shopping cart wasn’t meant to be pushed across the USA and so this fellow wasn’t doing very well. I found him some better wheels and rebuilt his shopping cart for him. Never did hear if he made it or not.

He wanted to show me the newspaper article he had saved about the guy, but he couldn’t find it. He turned to his Japanese wife who spoke with a southern accent and said, “Honey, where is that newspaper article about the guy pushing the shopping cart?” She shrugged and he said, “Hmm, someone must of stole it.”

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