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  • I’m walking towards the fires. #
  • I’m in Quincy waiting for the bus to Chester. #
  • The trail was closed due to fires at mile 1235. It took me 3 hours to get a hitch from there. #
  • I was planning to do a long hot smoky road walk around the fires but I lost my resolve. #
  • Good news is, I’m back on schedule #
  • The other day I saw a bird with a bright orange head, a bright yellow body, and black wings. #
  • I also saw a bear that was black and brown. It was crossing the road where the PCT crossed near Sierra City. #
  • There is lots of traffic and no shoulder on this road. I’m glad I’m on the bus. #
  • Yea! I found a resturant in Chester that always serves breakfast. #

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