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  • I may have over done it in the fresh food department. #
  • Sitting on the side of the street, trying to get a ride. I can’t stand the rejection. #
  • I was just sitting there, twittering away and a guy pulls up and gives me a ride to the trail. #
  • At 9:30 am I was at mile 1235. Now thanks to the magical portal, I’m at 1335. #
  • Laying on the trail eating cherries and drinking Odwall Superfood juice #
  • I think just making it out of town is good. I didn’t even stop to take a shower. And my last shower was over 2 weeks ago. #
  • Last night I slept without a tent and I was awaken by a big brown spider on my head. #
  • So tonight I have my tent up. #
  • Trying to consume 2 lbs of yogurt, 5lbs of superfood juice, and 2lbs of cherries, so my pack will be lighter. #
  • Laying in the shade eating lunch, because all this food is not going to eat it self. #
  • I love this section of trail. #

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