Improving my trashbag rain skirt

I improved the cinch strap on my trash bag rain skirt by tying a piece of string to a safety pin and pushing it through  the cinch strap pocket.    When I got to the places where the pocket was welded together, I pushed the safety pin through one side of the plastic pocket and back in to the cinch pocket on the other side of the weld.    When I got to the end I  removed the safety pin and put a toggle on the string.

A person could improve a trash bag rain cover the same way.

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4 thoughts on “Improving my trashbag rain skirt”

  1. Do you hike in shorts? Since I hike in pants I’ve carried rain chaps. But I keep a spare drawstring trashbag in the bottom of my pack just in case I forget the chaps. I’m not sure it would do me much good wearing pants, though.

  2. My pants have little elastic draw cords on the cuffs. I just tighten them and crunch them up to my knees under the skirt. For my new trash bag skirt I got a bigger trash bag; now it’s a full length model. I’ll see how it goes; if I don’t like it that long it’s easy to fix it.

  3. I usually carry a polycyro ground cloth. It is very light and durable. I use it as a rain skirt when needed.
    I wrap it around twice and tie a knot. If it is too long, you could add a roll or two along the top.

    The same could probably be done with any ground cloth.

  4. Steve,

    That’s a good idea. I don’t carry a ground cloth anymore but I’m kicking around the idea of carrying a tyvex blanket to throw over me to keep the wet from soaking my bag. I guess I could make it into a tyvex sarong.

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