Good hermit rules

I’m always interested in hermits.   When I hear or see one failing,  I look at where they went wrong.   Unsuccessful hermits  say, “I guess I spent too much time alone.”     Solitude is not the the thing to blame.     I know where they went wrong.  They went wrong from not following some basic hermit rules:


This is the most important thing you can do..  Take some time to meditate everyday, look at where you’re headed, and steer yourself in the right direction if you find you have wandered off course

No intoxicants

Awareness is the treasured commodity.  Why would you give up a drop of it.   Besides, hermit life is like being on a trip only you don’t have to give up any awareness to enjoy it.

No Stimulants

The hermit mind is more sensitive.  Give it a bunch of coffee or other stimulants and it can run away from you.

No Pets

Yeah, animals are great.  They also cause problems, tie you down, take time, and are expensive.  More than one hermit has been squashed by their animal empire.

Keep your eyes on your own life

Don’t rail on about government conspiracy theories, chem trails,  plagues, total collapse of the economy,  the end of the world, etc. Just take care of your life and let the rest of the world take of its self.

Be careful of your companions

You would think this would be an easy rule for a hermit to follow but it also means the media that you read and listen to.    For this reason I don’t  use TV, radio, or newspapers.  They’re too negative.

Spend time outside everyday

You need to go outside.   Hermits that don’t go outside  get weird.   The outdoors will enhance your life in every way.


A human  needs exercise to be healthy, no one is exempt.

Don’t let your life become cluttered

Get rid of something everyday.

Clean your living space

A clean and tidy living space will help you stay healthy mentally.


Wash yourself everyday.  Even if it’s very cursory, it makes a difference in your attitude.

Brush and floss your teeth

Bad teeth will make you sick and make it so you can’t eat good food.   It also makes reentry hard.


It feels good and will make you happy.

Seek inspiration

In the same vein as “be careful of your companions”,  seek out something inspiring  everyday.   Look for books from people well on their spiritual path to get inspiration from.

Keep noble silence

Spend some time everyday without  reading, writing, talking, listening to music, or looking at videos.  Just silence.  If you want a great experience, keep noble silence all day, day after day.

Find employment

Everyday find some chore to do like chop wood, wash windows, pay a bill, do laundry, etc.   This will keep your life running smoothly and things won’t pile up on you.

Don’t eat food that is bad for you

I’ve heard of a person achieving enlightenment while eating only nettles but I think if he only had doughnuts to eat he maybe wouldn’t have been so successful.       Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, they’re all connected.  Food that feels more like a drug you should stay away from.

Practice yoga

Yoga is amazing.   It keeps you fit in every way.   Easiest book to learn and practice yoga from:  Richard Hittleman’s 28 day yoga plan

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  1. LOL , I am what becomes of a hermit who has children. You have some good points , but I think that you focus on hermitary life as a focus on surrounding more than a state of mind. But thats just my opinion , not hard truth.

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