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I’m gearing up.   I don’t know where I’m going but I’m packed.

After buying 2 pairs of Fox River Off Road socks in 2008 and hiking over 2000 trail miles in them, 1/2 of those miles while wearing  sandals,  and then wearing them all winter, and then hiking another 500 trail miles on them and then wearing them all the next winter, and then wearing them for many long walks in socking feet this spring, they have finally started to wear.   So I’m sock shopping.

I found them at Footsmart for 1/2 off and I entered the code: wmsshoe2 and got free shipping.   The short sock and the crew are both on sale.   They only cost 5.95-6.95   a pair now.

So for 12 bucks you can buy socks for a whole thru-hike.

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6 thoughts on “Sock Sale”

  1. Thanks for the tip. I was needing some socks and just not in the mood to pay $20 down at my local gear shop. Now I’ll be all set for socks for a while.

    Are you hiking the PCT Ashland south? There’s a lot of snow right now. I might hike around the Mid-way point on the PCT this summer. My mom lives there and leaves her number on the trail and sometimes will let people stay with her. She’ll let me stay for sure. 🙂 She’s going to go help Firefly get her property ready for hikers. She’s all into the trail now.

  2. Well I don’t know yet.. I was thinking of going to Ashland around August 1st and hiking south.

    But then, last night I got an e-mail from Pinball encouraging me to do Colorado. So then I got to thinking it might be a good idea to hike Wyoming south through Colorado till I hit the Grand Enchantment Trail in New Mexico and then hiking that.

    But then also, yesterday, a neighbor took me on a drive through the National Forest, that is right outside my door, and showed me all these old roads back there, many of them gated. And I thought I should go explore them. There are lakes and free campgrounds and stuff I never suspected was back there.

    If we are both on the trail this year, maybe we will finally meet.

  3. I’ve heard different stories, but for some reason Verizon brought underground phone line up through this sparsely populated private road. So I get Internet through a dial up connection. It’s very slow but I only pay 10 dollars a month for it. My laptop is run off a solar panel.

    This is the blog post about how I get online

    My neighbor pays 80 dollars a month for unlimited high speed satellite internet. It’s fast enough to watch Netflix instant watch movies on. He also has solar but has a bigger system than mine.

    You’re wrong about thinking Internet at your cabin would be nice. Cabins are better without Internet. I think I’ll be turning off the phone and Internet soon.. Cabin life is so sweet and so much more interesting without the Internet.

  4. Good timing! I just destroyed a pair of Smartwool socks this week and was loathe to pay $15+ to replace them. The quarter socks are sold out in my size, which makes me sad, but I picked up a pair of the crew length.

  5. I always buy the Fox River socks even though they’re more expensive than the Footsmart. Never had good luck with them or Smartwool. I think your first post said it all, after 2 years and over 2,000 miles, the Fox River socks were finally starting to wear. That’s why I’ll never turn back. Plus, I’m on their mailing list and they send me coupon codes like every month. Totally worth it.

    Hope you have a great time hiking.

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