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  • Sitting next to a ORV trail, watching the sun set through power transformers, listening to traffic. #
  • While thinking about the 40 some mile road walk I start tomorrow. #
  • And the other road walk ahead of that, #
  • Where Billy Goat was shot at, 2 packs stolen, and a hiker got bit by a pit bull. #
  • Thinking I don’t want to be here. #
  • Maybe I’ll feel better in the morning. #
  • Last night I answered back to some coyotes and then realized it was domestic dogs. #
  • Then a round of gun fire went off. #
  • This morning I see my crack house neighbor. parked on the next hill. #
  • There were helicopters flying over all night long. #
  • You know what’s great about the SoCal section of the PCT? #
  • It leads somewhere better. #
  • It’s not the same when it dead ends into an old iron fence. #
  • My attitude hasn’t improved much since last night. #
  • Laying on a hill. I don’t want to get up. #
  • But I’m out of water, so, I should. #
  • On my way home. Goodbye PCT, see you next year. #

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