Gear list for 2010 hike(1300 miles Southbound PCT)

Stuff I wished I had:  Foot file, warmer sleeping bag or a sleeping bag liner through the Sierras, stove through the Sierras, a little bigger pack, more water carrying capacity in the dessert( I had a gallon jug swinging off the back of my pack which didn’t carry that well), med’s for Giardia, supplements, a pair of New Balance 817’s with pressure relief insoles in them, washcloth.

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Hermit, long distance hiker, primitive cabin dweller, seeker.
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3 Responses to Gear list for 2010 hike(1300 miles Southbound PCT)

  1. chris says:

    how did the skirt work out for you?

  2. crow says:

    The trash bag rain skirt? It works great, I’ve been carrying one since 2001.

  3. Ted says:

    Hi Crow –
    Glad you’re back! I missed your gear and product reviews and I really prefer your blog posts over the trail tweets. I’m amazed how much you were able to carry in/on your atmos35. Thanks for all the info.

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