Trail food: Roasted seaweed

81HVmFjWwRL._SY606_I discovered roasted seaweed at the little hiker store in the hostel in Lone Pine.  After doing the math, I calculated it had a whopping 165 calories per ounce (6 per gram)–pretty good for vegetables–although I assume, most of the calories come from the oil they are roasted in. 31Jpkh6DOYL

I eat them like chips, but the worker at the store said she crumbles them in anything she is cooking–contributes salt, oil, and veggies to any meal.

71hnYgfYVpL._SL1500_The packaging is quite bulky; I emptied them all into a baggie and threw away the packaging.

I think it may be cheapest to buy from Costco.

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4 thoughts on “Trail food: Roasted seaweed”

  1. Hi, I’ve found your blog helpful, thanks for sharing what you’re learning. I was intrigued by the calorie density of the seaweed you found, but I keep coming up with a different number:

    12 oz of seaweed/5 servings=2 oz/serving.
    20 calories/serving = 10 calories/1 oz.

    Am I missing something?

    1. Yeah, it’s 20 calories per 3.4 grams for a serving of roasted seaweed. There are 28 grams in a ounce. So that is roughly a little more than 8 servings per ounce. 20 calories X 8 = 160 calories for an ounce of roasted seaweed. Or another way to figure is divide 20 calories by 3.4 grams = 5.88 calories per gram. 5.88 X 28 grams = 165

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